Duplekita "The Sound of My Name" (video)

Duplekita 'The Sound of My Name' (video)
Edmonton's Duplekita isn't so much a band as a many-membered collective, with the contributions of a diverse cast of collaborators overseen by Faunts co-founder Tim Batke. Their debut album, The Sound of My Name, will be out on July 29 via Kinsella Recordings, and the group have shared a live video for the collection's title track.

The video for "The Sound of My Name" was captured with a single, roaming camera in a barely lit room. Figures materialize from out of the shadows as the camera moves around the space, and the clip shows the members of Duplekita playing the spaciously atmospheric, grandly swelling indie rock song. The room eventually gets a little brighter towards the end.

Watch it below.