DumDumBoys Electronic Music Created by the DumDumBoys

Somewhat renowned in France, where they have produced soundtracks to various X-rated films, The DumDumBoys offer “futurized” pop archetypes à la Beck, yet also employ samples of the faux-French pop culture commonly mined by Air and Dimitri from Paris. Suave the DumDumBoys are not, however, and the group comes across more like Pointe Ste. Charles crack dealers than Serge Gainsbourg. Tracks like “Stereo,” “Sleep” and “Kustom Kar Kommando” boast a spacy, garage vibe, while “I Played the Red” splits off into sleazy, tripped-out crooning. “Connection” alternatively serves as a vehicle for some taped reading by William S. Burroughs (not a wholly original concept, but entertaining nonetheless). A disc that gets better — and stranger — as it goes along. Only the French, one might say. (Fffascination)