Drums Announce 'Portamento' Release Date, Premiere New Song

Drums Announce 'Portamento' Release Date, Premiere New Song
While last week '80s-inspired popsters the Drums revealed the preliminary plans for their sophomore set, Portamento, the Brooklyn-based troupe still weren't sure when exactly they would be dropping the disc. One week later, the outfit have shed the details, at least for those of you living on the other side of the pond.

While it's unclear when the set will hit shelves on our shores, the Drums' latest comes out in the UK on September 12.

Both the tracklisting and artwork for the album, their first as a three-piece, have been revealed. The cover, which you can see above, just might be a childhood pic of still mushroom-cut sporting singer Jonathan Pierce kicking it with his grandma. Cute.

The band have also offered up buzzy first single "Money," a sweet tune about the lack thereof, which you can download or stream below, where you will also find Portamento's full tracklisting. Here's hoping the domestic release is soon to follow.


1. "Book Of Revelation"
2. "Days"
3. "What You Were"

4. "Money"
5. "Hard To Love"

6. "I Don"t Know How To Love"

7. "Searching For Heaven"

8. "Please Don"t Leave"
9. "If He Likes It Let Him Do It"
10. "I Need A Doctor"
11. "In The Cold"
12. "How It Ended"

The Drums - Money by WorkItMedia