Drowsy Growing Green

Known to his mother as Mauri Heikkinen, Drowsy’s debut showcases his disquieting voice and delivery that will make one think this Finn is hitting mid-life, but he is indeed only 22 years old. Finding that bewitching middle ground between psych-folk and standard singer-songwriter fare, this is haunting music at its best. Befitting the fact that most of the songs have been compiled from their disparate recording locations, some are concise, but others waft along at their own pace. Standout "Harmless” starts with an almost hypnotic echoed piano and you know immediately, something special is occurring, especially when Heikkinen’s elegiac voice kicks in and the piano passionately rises to seamlessly accompany it. The tightest song and emotional highpoint, this song alone makes Drowsy recommended for those who love to be taken away through song in the dead of night. While others never hit that song’s highs, they consistently showcase the incredible vision and ability of Heikkinen — the simple intoxicating melody of "Yellow Leaves & White Trees” and "No Footprints to Trail,” with its inventive mash of electronics, piano and Drowsy’s crystal clear voice. While Heikkinen’s moniker may leave you thinking this is somnambulant music, it is quite the opposite as this shockingly great music actually demands your attention. (Fat Cat)