Dressy Bessy The California E.P.

Admittedly, it is kind of confusing why a band whose members are all pushing 30 are so into '60s inspired girl-pop, but a quick listen displays their pubescent enthusiasm. This EP serves as a stopgap between debut and the sophomore full-length, due out this summer. More amusing to note is their soundtrack spots, which include the Powerpuff Girls TV series. Now, the song "California," oh boy, with Tammy Ealom's candy coated vocals: "If we go there in the summer, I'll wear a flower in my hair." Six months early, but I'm gonna start saving up for the van she'll need and, hopefully, get to pick the hibiscus too. The sounds are undeniably up and refreshing, injecting us with a booster full of optimism and pop hooks. Check out the next best song "Super Everything," it's a reason for being. Other points of reference include the guitarist John Hill, from Apples In Stereo, and big Apple himself, Rob Schneider, who provides flawless production. (Kindercore)