The-Dream "Wake Me When It's Over" (video) (NSFW)

The-Dream 'Wake Me When It's Over' (video) (NSFW)
The-Dream's new video for "Wake Me When It's Over" is a complicated piece of film. First, we see the producer getting chewed out by his girlfriend over his cheating ways, and he takes the brunt of the character assault sitting on her bed as verbal threats and pillows get tossed in his direction.

He hightails it to his vehicle, which causes the woman to pound on his windows, and she follows him back to his mansion to rag on him some more. We're supposed to feel sympathetic to the guy as he "takes the bullets."

Things get really messed up, though, when the woman meets up with a new dude, who drugs her up and sexually assaults her. It's a disturbing video portraying one person's nightmarish life, and the shitty men that fill it.

You can check it out down below.

"Wake Me When It's Over" appears on The-Dream's 1977 re-release, which drops December 18 through Radio Killa/Def Jam.