Drawing Voices Drawing Voices

Founded upon a series of sessions where writing and drawing marks were amplified and sequenced into atmospheric audio tracks, Drawing Voices adds musician/artist Aaron Turner into the collaboration for a musical touch. One can only guess on the exact amount of "tweaking” that really went on but sure enough, Drawing Voices’ organic, instrumental and digitised samples do occasionally merge musically into a surreal soundscape. It is wise to note, however, that this is still sound art and in the ultra-experimental vein; Drawing Voices has its share of white noise, industrial squeals and scary sounds. Just when you think you’re safe, coddled in percolating glitch, lulling guitar plucks and ambient space sounds, disconcerting screeches and high frequency oscillations will opportunistically and mercilessly bring you back to the audio experiment at hand. (Hydra Head) (Hydra Head)