Dralms "Pillars and Pyre"

Dralms 'Pillars and Pyre'
Vancouver mood crew Dralms have finally followed up their "Crushed Pleats" single with some new material, but you may have actually heard the track before. "Pillars and Pyre" from singer Christopher Smith's 2012 solo LP Earning Keep had been revisited by the developing outfit, and given a fanciful and funky overhaul.

Like on the original, Smith delivers his lines across gossamer threads of sound. He uses his gentle coo to detail a situation that could be hellish or heavenly, depending on the interpreter. The melody likewise remains the same, but the drums take a subtler, dub-lite approach; the organ lines and bass both pop with more groove than before; and quasi-member Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy) adds various ethereal and cloudy production touches to the overall calming cut.

Details have yet to arrive on the band's forthcoming LP, but a 12-inch featuring the reworked "Pillars and Pyre" is expected to arrive May 12 via Boompa/Full Time Hobby.