Dralms "Divisions" / "Crushed Pleats"

Dralms 'Divisions' / 'Crushed Pleats'
Taking some time off from his solo career, soft-singing Vancouver tunesmith Christopher Smith has teamed up with a crack team of local indie musicians as the luscious, if downcast new outfit Dralms. The band's first two tunes went live today (November 5).

Smith tackles guitar and vocal duties, bringing shushed and somewhat sarcastic musings about being a "lucky boy" to the atmospheric and moody dub-rock number "Crushed Pleats." Joining Smith in Dralms are Siskiyou bassist Peter Caruthers, longtime collaborator Shaunn Watt (Siskiyou/Failing) on drums, and William Kendrick on keys. The latter brings wriggly, ELO-approved sinewaves to the distorted finale of "Divisions," while clicky-tick electronic flourishes were added by producer Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy).

Both songs are available to stream via the player down below, and are being served up as free downloads over at Bandcamp, via Boompa.