Dragonette "Let the Night Fall"

Dragonette 'Let the Night Fall'
Toronto outfit Dragonette have returned with an ultra-sunny new single, which they call "Let the Night Fall." For the moment, it's unclear if the song will appear on a follow-up to 2012's Bodyparts LP, but you can soak in the resplendent synth pop summer jam right now.

Following a few ethereal and distorted vocal melodies, the band use a muted four-on-the-floor beat and warming synth tones to help score Martina Sorbara's softened lines about having some "stupid fun." This includes bike rides, late night drives, "smoking some," and meeting up with someone's cute cousin.

It all leads up to a Vitamin D-enriched pop chorus about turning it up when the sun comes down.

You'll find the life-celebrating party anthem down below, courtesy of Idolator.