Dr. Feelgood 25 Years of Dr. Feelgood

To know Dr. Feelgood is to love Dr. Feelgood and this is as good a place as any to start the affair. This double-disc collection is culled down from their five-disc box set — there is no shortage of material. Fans of blistering British barroom, punk-powered rock’n’roll married to tough and greasy rhythm & blues will find Lee Brilleaux’s impassioned delivery the perfect foil to the band’s guitar-heavy signature sound. You can smell the sweat and feel the steam rising on classic tracks such as "Milk & Alcohol,” "Down At The Doctors,” "Riot in Cell Block #9” and 37 more. Of special note is the material taken from Wilko Johnson’s reign of guitar terror, especially "I Can Tell” and "Sneakin’ Suspicion.” Yet even the post-Johnson/Brilleaux band shines brightly with the Feelgood’s latter day line-up. Party music for the working man or simply a great night out, Feelgood fare fixes what ails you, numbing the hardships of everyday life as it reminds you how good it feels to be alive. No mean feat. (Grand)