Doves "Jetstream"

Doves 'Jetstream'
As we reported yesterday, there's a new Doves album on the way called Kingdom of Rust (out April 7 via EMI). It only took them four years, and it appears they want to make it up to us by giving fans a brand new song free of charge. Yes, for the next two weeks you'll be able to download "Jetstream," as its called over at the band's official site, which is here. The Manchester-based three-piece have revealed the inspiration for the song, saying that, "Being fans of the Vangelis film score [for] Blade Runner, we always wanted to write an imaginary song for the closing credits on Ridley Scott's classic." Jimi, Jez and Andy have certainly nailed the film's atmospheric immensity, using ambient textures, electronic beats and keyboard effects that first appeared in Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle." I'd argue that it isn't dramatic enough to be more than a DVD out-take but what it says about the upcoming Doves album is that they're still trying to outdo themselves. It's very patient, epic and I have to think that the electronic programming, which adds some nice New Order-esque nuances that were foreseeable, can certainly add another element to Doves' vast rock landscape.