Doug Hoyer "Get It Right"

Doug Hoyer 'Get It Right'
Edmonton-based popsmith Doug Hoyer is set to celebrate seizing the day on his next album Dream Life, but before it arrives, Exclaim! is giving you a sneak peek at the new record with the premiere of "Get It Right."
The forthcoming full-length hears Hoyer soundtracking the final days of summer — the time when you can look back at a couple of months of fun, but also know that things are about to change when that first yellow leaf hits the ground. The new songs toy with a more mature sound that features "lush strings, rollicking drums, piano, some synths, shining guitar lines, vocal harmonies and breezy beats."
But Hoyer's still not taking himself too seriously. "For every song about living your life to the fullest," he said in a statement, "there's a counter tune about embarrassing your partner with the open bar at the company party."
"Get It Right" is the first sonic sampling of the new album, and it's the perfect end-of-summer synth-pop song. Airy yet warm, sparkly but infused with pangs of darkness, it offers a final burst of fun before the fall sets in.
It was written by Hoyer and his wife Maureen Murray, and attempts to capture "that restless feeling that people get sometimes" and the ways in which we "try to find that 'collective effervescence' in community with others."
Dream Life is due out on September 8, and you can head over here to pre-order a copy. Listen to "Get It Right" in the player below.