​Doug Hoyer Returns with 'Stepping Stone' LP, Premieres New Song

​Doug Hoyer Returns with 'Stepping Stone' LP, Premieres New Song
Edmonton-born, Athens, GA-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoyer last delivered a full-length album with 2015's Dream Life, but he's ready to follow it up with a new LP titled Stepping Stone.
The full record arrives on February 10 via Mangled Tapes and will be launched with a free release show on February 11 at the Empress in Edmonton.
Hoyer describes the upcoming album as "quite a bit more restrained" than his previous work, showing off a slightly more "homemade feel" — akin to a "comfortable sweater." He recorded the new songs all alone in Athens, except for two that were laid down with his backing band in Edmonton after last year's Sled Island festival.
The tracks tackle topics from Star Trek conventions to self-care to gratitude for the listeners he's amassed over the years, and Exclaim! is giving you a glimpse into the new songs with the premiere of "Old Ugly House."
It was co-written with Jim Cuming (a.k.a. Jom Comyn), and is one of the songs recorded at home with a backing band — composed of Connor Ellinger on drums, Matthew Gooding on bass and Jesse Northey on Wurlitzer, while Hoyer adds vocals, guitar, organ and tambourine.
It takes a nostalgic look back at the co-writers' shared hometown of Edmonton. "It's half about the demise of Edmonton's Old Ugly Label, half about a run down band house that everyone would hang out at," Hoyer tells Exclaim! "And a third half that's just about growing up and looking back at those youthful days."
Share in the memories by listening to "Old Ugly House" below.