Doseone Reveals New Solo Album

Doseone Reveals New Solo Album
Since helping found the Anticon label in 1997, producer/rapper/poet Doseone (aka Adam Drucker) has dropped countless forward-thinking LPs, from his solo freestyle collections and spoken word efforts, to his collaborative work as Subtle and 13 & God. Ready to innovate yet again, the former cLOUDDEAD member has announced a new R&B-flavoured LP, titled G Is for Deep.

The first Doseone album to substitute spitting with singing arrives May 15 through Anticon. Described in a press release as a "Technicolour swirl of synthesizer, drum machine, hacked Gameboy and layered voice," G Is for Deep was crafted twofold, with the producer initially testing the instrumental tracks at a gig in San Francisco before writing his lyrics.

When it came time to lay down some vocal tracks, the musician apparently holed himself up with pages of unassigned lyrics, downed a bottle of whisky and started singing at the top of his lungs. The actual takes that made it on the album were, however, reportedly recorded sober. While Doesone's raps are often fast-paced and polyrhythmic, his singing style is said to alternate between "a friendly whisper" and "a jilted growl."

You can check the tracklist down below and the album cover above.

G Is for Deep:

1. Dancing X
2. Last Life
3. I Fell
4. Thy Pattern
5. Therapist This
6. End&egg
7. Owlshark
8. See Answer
9. Arm In Armageddon
10. The Bends