Dorine_Muraille Mani

Julien Loquet is a young Frenchman with a powerbook and a love for ’60s pop Francaise and English folk. As Dorine_Muraille he brings these obsessions into a collision of organic and digital sounds and voices that are as sweet as they are strange. Each track features a half dozen melodies that briefly peacefully co-exist before they fracture and fall away, giving rise to another sound, another voice. What separates Loquet from his peers on either side of the laptop divide (the abstraction of Fennesz vs. the groove of Daedelus) is that his songs seldom have a stable or discernable beat pattern, yet they progress in recognisably song-like structures. The melody line is swapped from identifiable instrument to repeated digital noise to snatches of vocal in any number of languages and back again. This density and chaos generates a richness that makes the relatively short tracks feel epic. And they are epics that grow more rewarding with each subsequent listening. (Fat Cat)