Dorian Gray "Sleepwalkers" (video)

Dorian Gray 'Sleepwalkers' (video)
St. Catharines metalcore outfit Dorian Gray released their Rebuild EP late last month, led by the aggressive single "Sleepwalkers." Looking back at their latest studio effort, the band have paired the single with a new video, which Exclaim! has your first look at right here.

Not straying too far from home, the video is set within the cozy confines of a living room, with the band cranking out crushing riffs to a group of unimpressed youth on the couch, glued to their cellphones. It isn't long before an older crowd wanders in to show appreciate the band's jazz-influenced breaks.

"The video takes you through the realities of being in a local band today," the band explain. "Oh yeah, and for some reason there's a drunk Pikachu."

Rebuild is available now and can be heard through Apple Music here. Watch the video for "Sleepwalkers" in the player below.