Donnie Klang Like a Rolling Stone

P-Diddy, the man who once had the Midas touch when picking artists for superstardom, has sure missed the mark on his latest project. Donnie Klang, a Long Island native, was the winner of Diddy’s Making the Band IV and is Bad Boy’s answer to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. Case in point, track four, "Hurt That Body,” which contains the line: "Girl, make me the one that rocks your body away.” Not only does that line indicate the aspirations Bad Boy has for Klang, it is a testament to potentially the worst songwriting in some time. Another great example is one of the opening lines from "Dr. Love”: "Sometimes pain is pleasure, lay down on the stretcher.” The album contains 16 cuts, including two interludes, and would probably insult tastes of even those it was intended for, the ten- to 13-year-old market. However, not all is lost for Bad Boy, they achieved an unintended reaction with Klang’s debut album: humour. Like a Rolling Stone is laugh out loud funny. (Bad Boy)