Donald Glaude/Various Mixed Live: 2nd Session

Ring. Ring. Hello? D, wake up. We got a flight to from LAX to London. London? Yeah, London. Y'know, bad food, worse weather, cup o' tea, Mary fuckin' Poppins, London. For his second go-round on Moonshine’s long-running Mixed Live series, West coast house veteran Donald Glaude, who got his start at the early-’90s San Francisco massives, takes the party across the pond. Performing last November at London’s hard house stalwart Turnmills, Glaude puts the people through their paces, building a solid set of hard house and slamming techno that incorporates his old friend DJ Dan as well as Africa Bambaataa and a pair from Marco Bailey. As a bonus (and likely to discourage downloading) the set is also available in 5.1 surround sound on a bonus DVD which feature interviews shot that same night. (Moonshine)