Donald Glaude Mixed Live

Donald Glaude can rock a party like few can. His energy behind the turntables is magnetic and contagious, and he creates a connection with the crowd that is indescribable unless you've felt it. Until now, that is. The latest instalment of the Mixed Live series (which is the best thing to happen to DJ mix CDs ever!) gives us a live, unedited listen to DJ Donald as he played for a crowd of 3000 at Buzz in Washington, DC, on March 16, 2001. Mixing, cutting and scratching his way through an eclectic set of funky and progressive house, the groove does not let up until the disc is done. Mics placed around the club pick up Glaude's voice urging the crowd on, as well as the crowd reaction and makes you feel like you're there in the midst of the heat and action. (Moonshine)