Dominique Fricot "Those Eyes" (video)

Dominique Fricot 'Those Eyes' (video)
Vancouver-based musician Dominique Fricot released his sophomore LP Sweet Little Fantasy last summer, and now he's unveiled a video for that album's "Those Eyes" — and you can watch it at Exclaim!, right now.
The song is a sentimental ode to young, inexperienced love — all "first discoveries" and "romantic yearning."
"I think we all have that first serious crush from high school when we were so nervous to admit to our friends that we liked someone, and we concocted so much more narrative into these love stories than was actually occurring," Fricot said in a statement about the new video. "I'm trying to capture that innocence alongside the first time we ever experienced romantic infatuation."
The visuals show a couple of student sweethearts bonding in art class, with colourful splatters of paint eventually exploding across the screen — expressing the melodramatic feelings that could only be associated with high school love.

Watch the video premiere of "Those Eyes" below.