Dominique Fricot and Olivia Void Show a Mannequin Around Berlin in "Give Me Shelter"

The duo are fundraising for people experiencing homelessness
Dominique Fricot and Olivia Void Show a Mannequin Around Berlin in 'Give Me Shelter'
Vancouver songwriter Dominique Fricot is based in Berlin these days, and he has teamed up with local psych-folk artist Olivia Void for a new charity single called "Give Me Shelter," which has arrived alongside a video. 

Void wrote the mournful art-rock song back in March, when she was crashing with a friend as lockdown began and she suddenly found herself in the middle of a pandemic without a proper residence. She later formed a bubble with Fricot, and the pair recorded a version of the song, with Fricot acting as Void's producer and duet partner.

The accompanying video was directed by Fricot, and in order to not increase the size of their bubble, the pair found a slightly unusual lead actor: Bianca, a mannequin they discovered on Craigslist for 25 euros.

Void said in a statement about the song, "It was a time when I didn't want to stay at home but being with others suddenly became a hazard. In this exceptional situation I was lucky to have a lot of support, but it made me think of all those who don't get help when they need it."

Appropriately, Void and Fricot are using "Give Me Shelter" to fundraise for Strassenfeger Berlin, an organization that supports people experiencing homelessness and in need of shelter.

Watch the "Give Me Shelter" video below.