Domancich / Avenel / Gouvert DAG

This is a quintessential jazz trio. Pianist Sophia Domancich, Steve Lacy’s long-time bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel and drummer Simon Gouvert are reminiscent of Keith Jarrett’s trio, with the moaning histrionics. Quietly burning throughout the nine-tune session, the threesome play with intelligence and intensity. Confident of their musical eloquence, they start off with an altered blues feature for Avenel that grabs and holds the listener’s attention throughout. Next, they jump into Gouvert’s "Pourquoi Pas?,” which slyly alludes to Monk’s quicksilver "Trinkle Tinkle” with its lightening fast whole tone line and off-kilter playfulness. On Lacy’s "As Usual,” replete with a quirky repetition of motifs, Domancich shows her ability to make grand architecture out of the smallest fragments of melody and rhythm. And drummer Gouvert can solo over an entire tune without the slightest whiff of wankery. DAG is the thinking listener’s modern jazz. This is truly tasty stuff. (Effendi)