Doldrums "RUNNERUP" (video)

Doldrums 'RUNNERUP' (video)
Doldrums may not have any specific album plans on the horizon, but a new track has surfaced from the Canadian electronic pop twisters. Equipped with a skin-exploring music video is new tune "RUNNERUP."

Like past pieces, the new tune finds Airick Woodhead's gentle coo presented alongside a squish of textured sonics, various digital washes and quixotic melodies. The video is likewise quizzical in nature, seemingly finding a group of close-quartered people having projections of octopi ripple across their bodies.

"The idea was to show the skin out of context, as flesh, sort of alien," Woodhead explained in a statement of the video, which was shot in his Montreal apartment. "The way it turned out you don't know whether it's hot or gross, which is basically how I feel about everything."

While Doldrums haven't offered up any specifics on their next release, the project are holding a "special online / teleportation event" later this fall. Doldrums are looking to connect with people to arrange a webcam-heavy online performance. More info on the upcoming presentation can be found over here.