Doldrums "Lost in Everyone" (video)

Doldrums 'Lost in Everyone' (video)
Late in the video for Doldrums' "Lost in Everyone," we see an obscured protagonist wave at something from across a sudsy beach. It might be a seagull. Save that small piece of arguable interaction, the video is a lonely, lonely affair for the main figure.

As you can see in the player down below, the clip, directed by Angus Borsos and Doldrums (aka Airick Woodhead), plays in black and white as the character runs through desolate forest settings, empty city streets and shadowy corridors. Hues of blue and orange flood the screen as the Kid A-striving slice of skewed electro-pop hits its zenith, but the landscapes are still essentially empty.

You can peep the haunting mini-film down below.

"Lost in Everyone" is taken from Doldrums' recent Lesser Evil LP.