Dog Blood Turn Off the Lights

Dog Blood Turn Off the Lights
The name Dog Blood may not resonate with some, but for followers of either Boys Noize or Skrillex (and those up on their music news in the past handful of years), the name will resonate immediately.
While the pairing might seem a bit odd — the shifting French electro of Boys Noize pressed up against the eclectic and big-name producer Skrillex — their cult following since their 2012 debut would say otherwise. Turn Off the Lights, their latest EP, dropped without warning on May 31 and it's an album best listened to loud — speaker-rattlingly loud.
"Break Law" opens the EP with an explosive track you'd think would be hard to follow. Hollow percussion later followed by a pulsing backbeat accompany a reworked snippet of bhangra, and when it falls, it falls hard. A stuttering and guttural synth takedown dominates, as it finds new iterations of itself across the track.
The title track, meanwhile, rolls in like a standard dose of electro house, a 4/4 beat keeping pace as gritty synths start to peak in anticipation. Rather than a bombastic drop as expected, an absolutely filthy breakdown of gritty synth, chopped vocals and hi-hat punch through, pulling comparisons to Boys Noize's 2007 debut Oi Oi Oi.
Turn Off the Lights is the best of what both producers bring to the table, slammed into one incredible EP. (OWSLA / Boysnoize)