Doctor Flake Paradis Dirtyficiels

Imagine a union between the abstract and structure, where anything and everything is sampled to produce a work of auditory bliss. This is the crux of Doctor Flake, a French producer, composer and DJ whose second album, Paradis Dirtyficiels, is a smooth homage to the world of trip-hop. Spoken word samples and deep bass are cut, reworked and thoughtfully arranged to coexist alongside ethereal piano, haunting vocal arrangements and a steady yet divergent beat. The result is an instrumental universe that utilises obscure sounds and presents a somewhat melancholic rage akin to nothing else. Though some songs on Paradis Dirtyficiels can produce a repetitive feel, any fan of trip-hop will be wrapped in the abstract hip-hop elements, multitude of maddening melodies and graceful composition. There is a clear influence from the likes of DJ Shadow and DJ Krush but the music of Doctor Flake is in no way reduced or diminished by the comparison. Paradis Dirtyficiels mingles all aspects of sound in perfect proportion. (Differ-ant)