D.O.A. Live Free or Die

After years of sounding like D.O.A., the legendary Vancouver punk rockers latest release distinguishes itself by sounding like D.O.A. Filled to the tip with songs about fighting the good fight and sticking to your guns, the subject matter here is focused on the political frustrations that many of us feel, particularly north of the American border, where we remain powerless but hopelessly influenced by the activities of our closest ally. Songs like "Fucked Up Bush" are fairly straight-forward damnations of the President, while the album opening "Agony and Ecstasy," does an excellent job of encapsulating the ups and downs of a life of punk rock, or a life in general, to an infectious melody and driving beat. With some fine ska tracks, a number of heavy-hitting hardcore numbers, and a Bob Dylan cover to boot, D.O.A. have proven that when you're the band who coined the phrase "hardcore," there is no need to mellow with age. (Sudden Death)