Do Make Say Think / Fly Pan Am The Rev, Edmonton AB — October 27, 2002

A double bill of post rock from two highly lauded Constellation recording artists promised to be a treat indeed. Montréal's Fly Pan Am (who feature members of Godspeed) played a captivating set of deconstructed dance music that stretched the limits of aural sensibility yet somehow managed to be coherent. Eschewing rock star theatrics or showmanship, theirs was a set of delusory and hypnotic music. As soon as DMST began, it was immediately evident the debt owed to the band's rhythm section. Bassist and founding member Charles Spearin plucked out impossibly tasty vamps, particularly during the night's highlight, "Minmin," when the band gelled to create and sustain a jaw-dropping intensity. Two drummers accompanied the jazz-tinged dissonance, pounding along with urgency during the crescendos and shimmering with cymbal work during the interludes. At times the music shimmered and pulsed with an unstoppable kinetic energy, and somehow it was still an old fashioned rock guitar bonanza — though, with all the frantic noodling on the fret boards, more Sonic Youth than Lynyrd Skynyrd.