Dntel "Still" (ft. Baths) (video)

Dntel 'Still' (ft. Baths) (video)
We're less than a week away from the release of Dntel's new LP Aimlessness, but the electronic artist is sneaking in a little last-minute pre-show buzz for the platter with a video clip for album track "Still."

The video meshes nature scenes with old-school computer animation, as a geometric shape halfway between a nautilus shell and a cement-flavoured CGI lifesaver flies around space and a lush hillside. The song, a collaboration with Baths, is suitably chill and ripe with a steady, club-thumping kick beat, phaser-shifting synths and a backdrop of breathy background vocals.

Check it out below via Stereogum.

As previously reported, Aimlessness arrives Tuesday (June 5) through Pampa.