Dntel Returns with 'Human Voice' LP

Dntel Returns with 'Human Voice' LP
It's only been two years since Jimmy Tamborello released Aimlessness, but he's already announced a follow-up release. While that's an eternity for some artists, it's a much smaller gap than the time between that album and its 2007 predecessor, Dumb Luck.

The new album is called Human Voice, and it offers eight new songs from the artist. Don't let its title fool you, however — a press release suggests that the album is less than human, "with largely computerized and disembodied voices, lost somewhere in an ether of circuitry and possessing that plaintive emotion which sounds unmistakably like Dntel."

"If I Stay a Minute" is the first taste we get from the record. The three-minute track is full of skittering drums, pulsing bass and plenty of synths, not to mention some bizarrely cut up vocals. Stream it below.

Human Voice will arrive on September 23 via Leaving/Stones Throw.

Human Voice:

1. Human Voice
2. Fringes of Focus (instrumental)
3. If I Stay a Minute
4. Bike Path
5. Foraya
6. Connections
7. Bay Loop
8. Ashby