Dmonstrations Dmonstrations

The goal of this San Diego three-piece is to make their listeners feel uncomfortable by creating a frantic, paranoid cacophony, and these guys definitely achieve that. Formed by ex-members of the dance punk ensemble Dosage and Usage, the mandate of this new entity is to step forward to create something new instead of rehashing all their old songs. Not even halfway through the first track you’ll be left wondering what in the hell’s going on as front-man Tetsunori Tawaraya contorts his words into a bizarrely slashed up sound that leaves each lyric imperceptible. This band definitely deserves credit for the effort they put in to avoid what every other band is doing by messing around with string placement and tuning. There isn’t a song on here that lasts more than two minutes, which is a good thing because if it went on any longer it would get intolerable. This album is unconventional to the point where you’ll debate with yourself on whether or not it’s any good, but it is fast, loud, and frenetic, so if that’s what you’re after then this is where to go. (Strictly Amateur Films)