The past 20 years have seen no shortage of bands build careers out of the swagger of Oasis, but few manage (or bother) to match the transcendent songwriting of the Mancunian's early heights.
Aussie trio the DMA's have plenty of the former, but never let it overshadow the latter. The group are being presented to Northern Hemisphere audiences as fully formed Commonwealth interlopers vying for the Britrock throne, and their debut EP makes a pretty reasonable case for their claim.
Taking cues from the Gallaghers, their debut EP packs a surprising wallop in its six tracks. From breezy opener "Laced" to show-stopping power ballad "Delete," the band showcase an impressive musical range, not to mention a knack for writing effervescent earworms.
There's more to DMA's than Oasis worship — Britpop and its antecedents are all woven into the group's DNA — but the lack of a discernable point of view to these songs ultimately holds the band back from bringing all its powers to bear. Nevertheless, these half-dozen tracks suggest this is a band that could transcend its influences in the very near future. (Mom+Pop)