DJ Tiesto In My Memory

Trance is a hard genre to review, even when it's dubbed progressive house. People who hate trance detest it and In My Memory, the first release of original material from Dutch synth god DJ Tiesto, isn't going to change anyone's mind. IMM is a crowd pleaser that wants to be all about the E-fuelled "I love you, man" mood of the sunrise set, but aside from a bumpin' tech-trance collaboration with Junkie XL, "Obsession," by lowering the tempo and thrust for the comfort of our living rooms most of the album suffers from an over reliance on ethereal synths, mid-tempos and diva vocals. It is only on the final few rewarding cuts - "Flight 643" and "Suburban Train" - that Tiesto at last adds a little epic to his cheese. (Nettwerk)