DJ Tiësto Calls Vinyl Records "Outdated" and "A Nightmare"

DJ Tiësto Calls Vinyl Records 'Outdated' and 'A Nightmare'
While there's no way of knowing what the "DJ" prefix stands for in his name, it's pretty much guaranteed that DJ Tiësto doesn't consider himself a "disc jockey." The world-weary techno star recently told The AV Club that he doesn't enjoy the beloved format.

"I have a lot of records with me, no vinyl though," he said. "It's not a matter of convenience, it's just that vinyl is so outdated nowadays. I can make a track in my hotel room today and play it for the crowd tomorrow. That never happens with vinyl. I played a lot of acetates at the end of my vinyl period - I used to make tracks and get them pressed in four or five days - but the quality was always so bad and they would skip all the time. The vinyl days for me are over. I still buy vinyl, but only albums, and just to play. For DJing, vinyl is a nightmare."

In other words, there's a really good chance that DJ Tiësto is using the same mp3 Serato set up as the high school kids down the street from you.