DJ Python Derretirse

DJ Python Derretirse
DJ Python's latest EP, Derretirse, provides insight into the music and sounds that have influenced the artist's work, presented with a musical spin and spirit that is wholly Python. The EP's mix of the myriad styles presented (drone-influenced electronica, dancehall, progressive synths) come together in a way that makes the experience feel unique.
"Lampara" is a relaxed, spacious track that recalls Boards of Canada in the best way possible, with its chilled-out percussion and twinkling and warbling synths giving one the feeling of days gone by, all filtered through Python's unique deep reggaeton style. "Tímbrame" brings the action more to the forefront, with the grooving tropical beat and floaty melodies bringing to mind some of the deeper moments on the dance floor; the come-down before the come-down.
The energy continues to build on "Cuando," as the percussion hits heavier and faster, while still giving room to breathe and feel the space inside the track. The final three tracks round out the EP in a way that truly feels like a finale, ending the entire experience on a satisfying note that feels like floating near the outer reaches of the music, slowly drifting away as the synths and drums wash over you.
All in all, every track has something interesting and enjoyable to offer, giving a varied listening experience to the listener. Whether you're already a fan of Python's music or this is your introduction, you will more than likely come away satisfied. (Dekmantel)