DJ Nightmare DJ Nightmare

This solo act from Vancouver goes by the name of DJ Nightmare, but his brand of electronic music hardly speaks of anything that nightmares are made of. Starting off this six-song EP is a haunting piano-driven piece that quickly busts out into more of a scattered beats, trip-hop groove. The convergence of two such varied textures plays out nicely and Nightmare proves that no stone need be left unturned under the large umbrella that is electronic music. The songs are at times very melodic, while at the same time there remains a definite sense of chaos layered over top. The most admirable part of this release is that he's doing something different, which is not merely self-indulgent random noise. Each element of each piece is carefully worked, like he's creating a sculpture. His use of vocal samples and funky rhythms puts a unique spin on the music, while his lack of actual vocals lends the CD moments of soundtrack simplicity. (Independent)