DJ Garth Revolutions in Sound

San Francisco by way of London is where DJ Garth’s roots are firmly planted. Released under Grayhound Records, Revolutions in Sound is an eclectic, lyric-free comp with seductive highs and alluring lows. It’s almost as though each track is taking you deeper into the core of the underground house scene. The transitions here are unbelievably smooth yet distinctively clear; a true house head will appreciate that. While an album like this has to overcome the hurdle of non-stop, lyric-less boredom, DJ Garth does a wonderful job at eluding this inevitable quandary by keeping the tracks short and sweet. The right mix of trance, tech-house beats and hard house highlights give this album just the right tone. There’s a revolution in sound going on here; it’s a regressive one but regression is a step in the right direction back to consistent, tight-knit, non-stop electronic music. There’s a hint of jungle/tribal rhythms on a few of the tracks, which also adds to the album’s complexity. (Grayhound)