DJ Franco Fabi / Various Reflection Session, Vol. 1

This is the first professional mixed CD from Montreal house DJ Franco Fabi. Reflection Session, Vol. 1 is slick and skilfully produced with reverberating, driving, sexy, tech-y grooves. Fabi gained popularity in the Montreal scene alongside DJs like Marco G, Lafleche and Fred Everything. He has since gained recognition internationally with his electro-vibed progressive house touching dance floors from Morocco to London to Tunisia. This album is good as a first CD but while this club music is definitely hard-hitting it lacks the distinctive character of more experienced DJs. The record features three of Fabi’s own original tracks, with vocals by Polish singer and soap star Monika Jorosinska on "Change Me Forever” and the Billboard charting Lisa Pure on "Only You.” Fabi’s strengths come through on the track selection of this album more than his own produced tracks. However, TV Rock’s "Flaunt It” and DJ Chus and David Penn’s "We Play House” would rock any dance floor. (Reflection)