DJ Cheb I Sabbah As Far As

Unfettered by genre constraints, As Far As weaves music from over three continents carried by lyrics in nine languages into a rich theatrical mix. Adventuring between the global dance floor and ambient soundscapes, Sabbah proves himself a master of audio juxtaposition. As Far As serves up a contemporary taste of distant lands mixed with a strong dose of Asian underground. The CD plays like one orchestrated piece that emerges into a well-fused audio collage that in itself transcends the mixed CD genre. The drum & bass-laced Eastern sounds of Miskatonic’s "Najama” merge into the bold lyrics and hard-edged rhythms of Asian Dub Foundation’s "Colour Line,” (a perfect anthem for a globalised generation). It in turn descends into the hypnotic shuffle of the Sabbah remix of Paul Horn’s "Agra, The Emerald Mix,” which is followed by the dreamy ambiance of Sabbah’s own "Pour Matoub.” The soundscape awakens in the chanteuse-like vocals of Natcha Atlas in "Soleil d’Egypte” and the heavy rap of Makale’s "Salla.” Enchanting and adventurous, As Far As takes listeners to exquisitely well-textured audio territory. (Six Degrees)