DJ Cam The French Connection

In theory, the choice of Paris-based DJ Cam to select and mix a selection of the chilled-out tracks available on French label Artefact would seem quite appropriate. Cam’s reputation for grafting jazzy styles onto down-tempo beats definitely matches the mood of the Paris-based label, but on this compilation he doesn’t do the tracks justice. While the selection of tracks is excellent, the uneven pacing and suspect mixing unfortunately detracts from the overall effect. Beguiling Shinju Gumi tracks “Blindwhisper” and “Hide & Seek” are inexplicably faded out to make room for Doctor L’s plodding “Underwater Rhymes,” just as the mix threatens to build some serious momentum. Still, the soothing uplifting ambience of entries like Art Ensemble’s “Garance” and the pleasant lilting “One of These Days,” from Zend Avesta, are truly blissed-out experiences, emphasising the potency of Artefact’s sonic brand, despite the overall lacklustre arrangement. (Shadow)