Dixon / Various Temporary Secretary

Dixon's latest offering, Temporary Secretary, is a modern house DJ mix of the highest order. Temporary Secretary is Dixon's solo follow-up effort to the immensely popular Grandfather Paradox, in which Dixon shared the decks with label-mates Ame and Henrik Schwarz, released earlier this year by BBE. From the onset of the mix, it's more than apparent that the Innervisions label head has perfected his technical skills and timing, essential tools when programming a set of stripped down, minimalist dance music that never gets boring. Dixon's ability to juxtapose ideas from mix to mix is what makes this offering so special ― every track is subtly glued together by a mesmerizing backbone of true house and techno. Dixon displays his uncanny ability to quickly cycle through ideas without letting any single theme get stale or monotonous. Hints of dance music's past, present and future appear throughout, showcased with clever thought and attention. Temporary Secretary is a mix that will even get the stiffest of heads nodding with approval. (Innervisions)