Disrupt Foundation Bit

Foundation Bit is the debut album by nu-dub-ist Jan Gleichmar, who records under the alias Disrupt. Disrupt has been garnering a good deal of attention overseas for his manipulation of ’70s-era roots reggae, Berlin dub-techno, British dub-step rhythms and his use of the pixilated sounds one usually associates with early Gameboys. Don’t let this turn you off, for very little on Foundation Bits results in fusion for irony’s sake. While the ten tracks on this debut make ample use of high-frequency game sounds, it is Disrupt’s unapologetic insistence on bass and lots of it that grounds this music. Gleichmar moves deftly from roots to tech-dub, using the transitions to build a cohesive album that possesses an enviable dexterity and range. This record will appeal to fans of Pole, Deadbeat, and Mikkel Metal. (Werk)