Disassociatives The Disassociatives

In case your Silverchair trivia has weakened over the years, and it most likely has, the Disassociatives are Daniel John’s newest project with fellow Australian, producer Paul Mac. Having grown tired with grunge even before putting his last group to rest, Johns tries to expand his pallet with Mac’s restrained electronic-isms, continuing to try his hand at low-tempo pop that, at best, just kind of exists. His lyrics are banal from start to finish, even by his own standards, and he isn’t any more consistent with the hooks. Mac’s production can sporadically make the odd verse or bridge vaguely interesting, but far too much of the duo’s debut is complacent with playing it painfully safe, leaving its few highlights like instrumental "Lifting the Veil from the Braille” dead-centre of a modernly produced wasteland of vanilla-pop so bland it makes Kylie Minogue sound like Captain Beefheart. (Virgin)