Years in the making, Disambiguation is a mesmerizing dance pop affair, furthering the notion that Waterloo, ON's Bocce are one of the most multi-dimensional electronic bands in Canada. Sometimes, in the frenzy of their fevered live performances, it's easy to miss how much attention Bocce pay to songwriting dynamics and building songs up beyond cheap thrills. They're a witty quartet with a sly sense of humour that comes across on the spirited uplift of "Highlighter (Reverse Video)" and the jingle-y "Wheel of Fortune Cookie (Before and After)." But there's a sombre aspect to the Depeche Mode tone of "Confident Confidant (Forget Everything)" or even the murky malaise evident on "Transmission (Telecommunications)." It's all pulsing, head-nodding stuff, but with Disambiguation, Bocce measure the physical bombast of the dance floor by stimulating our other senses too. (Dad Mobile)