Dirty Projectors "There's a Fire"

Dirty Projectors 'There's a Fire'
Dirty Projectors wrote and recorded upwards of 60 songs that didn't make the cut for last year's Swing Lo Magellan, and already some of the leftovers have made their way onto a tour-only 7-inch and the Ready to Die EP. The band recently issued another a limited 7-inch for Swing Lo song "Offspring Are Blank," but in case you weren't able to snag one at a show in New York last month, the band are now streaming the record's exclusive b-side, "There's a Fire."

The song is classic Projectors, with loose and wriggling, world-pop-inspired six-string licks leading the charge atop a low-key, snare-shuffling groove. Dave Longstreth lets into some softly sung lines about getting lost in a forest, while the group's female vocal section takes over during the final moments with a soothingly cryptic, backwards-masked hook.

You can sample the track down below.

As recently reported, Dirty Projectors will join the National on some upcoming North American dates.