Dirty Projectors "Climax" (live Usher cover)

Dirty Projectors 'Climax' (live Usher cover)
As evidenced over the years, Brooklyn-based pop explorers Dirty Projectors have an affinity for blending R&B into their eclectic sound (see "Stillness is the Move," "The Socialites"). It shouldn't be much of a surprise, then, to hear the act cover contemporary great Usher, like they recently did by tackling the singer's sensual slow jam "Climax" for Australia's Triple J station.

It's a stripped-down take on the cut that features both Dave Longstreth and Amber Coffman sharing the falsetto leads. Olga Bell and Hayley Dekle offer up some smooth back-ups on the heart-crusher, with Bell also tapping out rhythms and the minor-key melody on her lap-locked sampler. They're all seated on some high stools, but the performance should have you dropping to your knees. Check it out below.