The Dirty Nil on Exclaim! TV Chatroom

The Dirty Nil on Exclaim! TV Chatroom
Dundas, Ontario garage punks the Dirty Nil eschew their name; the trio are far from dirty. They are, however, closer to cute, which is why it's fitting that they're the guinea pigs for Exclaim! TV's new program, Chatroom, in which fans can ask questions to some of their favourite artists via the power of social media.

We weren't the only ones to notice the Nil are sharp dressers, as many of the questions you sent us were centered around their threads. The conversation did get a tad more (ahem!) naked, when guitarist/vocalist Luke Bentham (decked out in his signature star gear) and drummer Kyle Fisher discussed dick pics, homemade bombs and flipping off Christian fundamentalists.

Having recently finished the "Best Friends Tour 2014" with Greys, the Dirty Nil also had some tour stories to tell and explained why their gig attendance actually benefited from their now-label head, Fat Mike, teasing them on the Internet.

They aren't quite done with Greys yet, though. Both groups will be performing this coming Saturday in London, while the Nil have some Canadian shows separate from their best. Find the tour dates below, then scroll down to get intimate with the Dirty Nil.

Tour dates:

9/12 Hamilton, ON - Supercrawl
9/13 London, ON - Call the Office
9/18 Montreal, QC - O Patro Vys (POP Montreal)

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan