The Dirty Nil "Little Metal Baby Fist" (video)

The Dirty Nil 'Little Metal Baby Fist' (video)
This fall, Ontario rock trio the Dirty Nil released a 7-inch that included the A-side "Little Metal Baby Fist." Now, the group have unleashed a video for that same track.

The fun-loving clip plays out like an exceptionally wild session of karaoke, as various people scream along with the punk-tinged track as the words appear in the background. We also get some goofy introductions to each band member.

In a statement, the band described the video like this: "The secret ingredients for the film shoot were star shirts, wall of amps, beer, awkward dancing, moustaches  misleading cue cards, star shirts, peanut butter, kev bell, wacky Dave Dunham direction, unappealing torsos, sexy stares, appealing torsos, rawk, homies, hops, OE, star shirts, and Tom Hanks."