Dimitri from Paris/Various In The House

Simply put, this three-disc non-stop set is hot! Dimitri from Paris has once again brought the soul back to the deep house scene, the funk back into garage, and the pulse back to the beat. With the finest of the finest DJs contributing to In The House, you might just end up a little over stimulated, but how often does a CD make you sweat without moving your feet? To name but a few, Lil’ Louie, Louis Vega, Roy Davis Jr., Greg Gibbs, Incognito and Chaka Kahn make an appearance on the set. For real, no words can give Dimitri from Paris’s skills their proper shout-out. But for the sake of it, something must be said. From disc one through to disc three, Dimitri from Paris has mixed an unbelievably tight set of rhythmic, beat-driven, hard house, electro-fabulous tunes that would have a cadaver shaking its shimmy. In The House is music for the mind, body and soul without the unnecessary hype that goes along with the commercial scene. This is unadulterated, straight-up reflective music; in other words, listen to Dimitri from Paris but live the music. (Ith)